Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We had dinner at my parents house, it was nice and quiet. My Parents, my brother Mike and his family and my little family were the only ones there. It was a nice change of pace for the holiday, we had yummy food and the conversation was great. It was nice not to have all the chaos of 16+ people there trying to figure out where everyone will sit and who were the unlucky ones that didn't get to sit at the main table. It was nice not having too many "hens" in the kitchen all trying to cook at the same time. It was also nice not having a million toddlers underfoot, Jack was plenty enough. During dinner we talked about what we were thankful for and some of the things mentioned were:
Healthy Children
Indoor plumbing was mentioned a couple of times
4 wheelers
Gas prices
I do have to say that I have a little internal giggle going on when my Dad does his "welcome" speech, if you haven't ever heard one, you are missing out.

After dinner we went to Hal's sister's house for pie. It was so much fun hanging out, chatting and stuffing ourselves on the many different kinds of pie. The kids had fun playing Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution. Jack had a blast chasing around Charlie (their dog), he was even trying to bark like him, it was sooooo funny! Addy had a good time being passed around and adored by everyone. She even had a nice blowout, YUCK! But luckily her cousin had a onesie we borrowed, since I didn't have the sense to pack an emergency outfit.

Note to self, NEVER weigh the day after Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here are the promised pictures

This one was taken right as Trenton was being admitted.

And this one was taken after he had been on IV antibiotics for about 18 hours, notice how much worse it is! This is when they got the infectious disease Dr. involved. He recommended a 3rd antibiotic be added, which made a HUGE difference.

And then this is taken from our home today, just a few hours after being released!


I need to get this all written down before my memory starts to fade, with how tired I am I bet my memory is already fading.

Friday through Wednesday~

Trenton started out with a cold last week, he stayed home from school last Friday and spent the weekend miserable, laying on the couch, coughing, feverish and in general feeling pretty dang lousy. He was feeling quite a bit better by Monday morning, so I sent him to school. On Tuesday he went to school again, but felt like he had a headache, so I sent him with some ibuprofen. He came home from school and chilled out, but still went to scouts and hung out with his friends, so I thought he was getting better. I sent him to school again on Wednesday and when he got home he started complaining about his face hurting and his upper left teeth felt like they had cavities. This is when I started thinking that he had a sinus infection. He woke Hal and I up at about 2 in the morning crying in pain from all the pressure in his face. I gave him a Darvocet and sent him back to bed.


In the morning I called the Dr. and we got right in, Dr. Lauret checked Trenton over and agreed with me that he had a sinus infection. He put him on a strong antibiotic, told him to take a decongestant and to eat as many Popsicles as he could, LOL. He also said that this looked pretty acute and that if he didn't improve greatly over the next 24-36 hours to have him rechecked. So, we went home, filled the script and Trenton totally crashed. He slept most of the day, and spent the time when he was awake being miserable.


Trenton woke up and his eye was very swollen, he felt like crap and had a fever. I called the Dr.'s office and the silly girl on the phone told me to wait and see, give the medicine a little more time to work.
I left Trenton home sleeping on the couch and went to Costco to get a few things. When I got home and looked at Trenton again, his eye was even more swollen! I called the Dr.'s office again and demanded to talk to a nurse. She said that she hadn't heard of that kind of reaction with a sinus infection before and suggested that we come back in.
I told Trenton to put his shoes and pants on, he had won another trip to the Dr. He was so miserable, he was crying and told me that he felt too awful to go, I told him he didn't have a choice, so off we went. On the way over, I told him that I wouldn't be surprised if they sent us to the hospital for a CT, I explained what it was and Trenton was a little worried about it.
We got to the office and only had to wait about 5 minutes before they took us back to a room and then we waited for about 20 more minutes before the Dr. came in, this is a record for this office. Dr. Nielsen was on call for Dr. Lauret. Dr. Nielsen is REALLY tall, about 6'8" and a really nice guy, I am so glad that he was there. He checked Trenton over and was concerned that the sinus infection had made its way into his eye socket and possibly into the eye itself. He said that he wanted to admit Trenton, give him IV antibiotics and do a CT., so off we went. I called Hal and told him what was happening and he met us at the hospital.
We arrived at the hospital at about 5:15pm, they got us settled into the treatment room and came to look at Trenton's vein's, needless to say the boy is a mystery, his vein's are horrible! They finally decided that they might be able to get one in a hand and so they put numbing cream on both of them and waited for a hour.
Dave, Heidi and Scarlet came down and Dave and Hal gave Trenton a blessing, I felt so much peace after the blessing, I knew that things were going to be okay, that Trenton was going to be healed and back to himself soon. The nurses came back in and poked 2 times before finally getting a vein. After they finally got the IV started and some blood work sent off they sent him down to CT and scanned his brain. After that we got settled in the room and they started his antibiotics. The Dr. came in and told us that they had looked at his scan and that the infection wasn't as far as they had thought it was, this was such wonderful news to hear. They said that it was periorbital cellulitis which is serious, but not as bad as if it had actually been in the orbit, Hal left to go get Jack and Hallie to sleep and I decided to stay the night with Trenton and of course Addy stayed with me. The hospital has pull out cots for parents to sleep on, they are a JOKE! Think of the worst sofa bed you have ever slept or been on and that is what they thought that I would sleep on, UGH!
Trenton started majorly complaining about his head itching about 1/2 hour after they started the antibiotics and soon after I turned the lights on to find a VERY red child, he looked like a lobster. I quickly pushed the nurse button and a couple of nurses came running into the room and with one look they both looked at each other and said "He has redman's syndrome". They explained to us that this is a fairly common reaction to the medicine and that they would give him benedryl before each dose to help counter act it. They gave him a nice dose of benedryl and he got nice and sleepy. At one point Trenton got up to go to the bathroom and ended up puking and shaking violently, his fever was up to 102.5 even with 800mg of Ibuprofen on board. The nurses came in and out all night long, so no sleep for us. At about 4am they said that they needed to draw his blood. 3 pokes and 45 minutes later they finally gave in and drew his blood off his IV. Then the night nurse came in for her last assessment and then a hour later the day nurse came in to do her assessment, can I just say that they over assess patients!


Hal arrived at the hospital at about 9am and I left to go to a baby shower for a good friend of mine. Hal was so sweet and told me to take my time, that I deserved a little break and that he could keep down the fort. So, I let him. I went to the shower and enjoyed chatting with my friends and seeing Jennifer's cute pregnant belly. Then I went to my Mom's and spent a little time with Jack and Hallie.
Hal called to tell me that they decided to add a 3rd antibiotic to the regimen and that Trenton's fever was back. Poor kid, he really was feeling horrible. I went back to the hospital at about 1:30 with Addy and Jack in tow and we visited for a little bit. Grandma Snow came in to see how Trenton was doing and she took Jack and let him play in the playroom, roam the hall's, go up and down the elevator and basically rule the joint. Needless to say, 2 hours later, Grandma Snow was dripping with sweat and swore that she had lost 10 pounds. Hal decided to take his turn with Trenton and went home to finish up some stuff and pack a bag for himself. He came back and I left to go get Hallie.
Hallie had spent the day with Grandma Julie, she convinced her to take her to the dollar store to get presents for Trenton, they got him a squishy brain, playing cards and a HUGE hershey's bar.
They BYU vs. UofU game was on, so I sat down on my Mom's couch and watched that until it got too depressing and so I packed up and went home.
I got home and I was SO tired, so tired that I couldn't sleep, so I did a couple loads of laundry and picked up the house. I went upstairs at one point to change Addy's diaper and get her ready for bed and I could hear Jack whining, I yelled down to him trying to get him to come upstairs. He stopped crying and I went to look for him. He had made it 1/2 up the stairs and then laid down on the landing and was falling asleep. I picked him up, changed him and laid him down to go to sleep. I started a movie for Hallie and folded some laundry and when all 3 kids were asleep I finally laid down and tossed and turned for a good hour before finally falling asleep. Ahhhhh, sleep at last.

I woke up and called Hal to see how their night went. Hal said that it went okay, they had watched Lord of the Rings and Trenton had fallen asleep when they gave him the benedryl. Trenton had actually slept pretty well, all in all it hadn't been that bad of a night, except when they tried to draw his blood. They poked him 2 or 3 times and finally drew the blood off the IV again.
I got the kids dressed and headed back to the hospital. Hal looked so tired, I doubt that he slept at all. We talked to the Dr.'s and they said that they had hoped to have seen more improvement. Trenton's eye was still very swollen, but his fever had gone down, so that was good. At about 10am it was time for more more benedryl in his IV and to start another round of antibiotics and that is when his vein blew. His arm started turning red and swelling up, so they had to take out the IV. The nurses came in to search for a new vein, they had 3 nurses in there, brought out a special light to help look for a vein and it took about 30 minutes for them to find a suitable one. They put more numbing cream on him and came back about 2 hours later. In the mean time, Kyler and Tausha came to visit and Trenton got more and more nervous about being poked yet again. By the time that they finally came back to try to start the IV, he was a nervous wreck. They poked him and couldn't get it started so they called the nursing supervisor to come give it a try. She came in and it took her 2 pokes and a lot of digging to finally get it in there. At one point they were trying to decide if they should see about getting a pic line placed.
After they finally got the IV in again I went down to get some lunch, when I came back up I looked at Trenton and I could see his eye!!! I felt like jumping for joy, he really was getting better! I started getting optimistic that we would be going home in the morning.
Trenton and I wanted to settle in and watch the newest Indian Jones, we started it and then were interrupted with lots of visitors, Grandma Snow & Grandpa Stan came over and while they were there Grandma Lorna & Grandma Julie showed up. After they had all left I went and got a shake for Trenton and some heavenly onion rings and we settled in yet again to start our movie, but then Grandpa Throckmorton & Grandma Jo showed up and we got to visit with them. After they left we again started the movie only to be visited by Hal, Hallie and Jack, they left to go find some dinner and then after trying to start the movie again Grandpa Doug came, it almost started getting funny! But in the end, Trenton felt very loved and we finally did get to see the movie, which by the way we both enjoyed.
We settled in for another long night. But things were looking pretty good. It was pretty quite for most of the night until Trenton's IV started hurting again. And lo and behold it had blown again! The night nurses immediately called the nursing supervisor and he came in with his bottles of lidocain (a numbing medicine) and took a look at Trenton's viens. It took him 2 tries, but he finally got it in there. They drew blood off of it and so, Trenton had his 3rd IV started.
Things settled down again and Trenton, Addy and I tried to get a couple of hours of sleep.

After another long night, I got a chance to better look at Trenton's face, it was amazing! It was looking so much better. I was really excited and anxious for the Dr. to come in, I was hoping that things were good enough that we could go home. The resident Dr. came in and said that he was happy with the improvement, he had called for the infectious disease Dr. to come in and consult, but he thought that we would probably be going home. The specialist came in and told us that he felt comfortable discharging Trenton and sending him home on oral antibiotics, hallelujah!
It was interesting what the Dr. had to say, he told us that if we had waited 12-24 more hours to get treatment that this infection would have spread to his orbit and that would have meant 3wks of IV antibiotics and possibly surgery. We feel so blessed to have caught this when we did.
We packed up everything and Trenton got his IV out, for the last time! And we headed home!

Trenton is now on 2 different antibiotics, he has to take one every 12 hours and the other has to be taken every 6 hours, so for the next 2 weeks we will be waking up in the middle of the night to make sure that Trenton gets that dose, I am so willing to do that over being in the hospital. The hope now is that the oral meds work well and that this infection continues to go away.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am SOOO tired, I have been up for the last 37+ hours. As some of you know, Trenton was admitted into the hospital yesterday. He has a sinus infection that has migrated really quickly through out his whole L sinus and is near his eyeball, in the socket area, but not actually in the eye. He is one sick boy! They have him on 3 really strong IV antibiotics that will kill anything in the spectrum and are hoping that it will work quickly. I thought this morning that he was seeming some what better, his fever had gone down and he actually ate some of his lunch, but tonight his fever is back up. Addy and I spent the night in a horrible cot next to Trenton last night and Hal is taking his turn tonight. I am going to go lay down and try to get some sleep. If Jack, Hallie and Addy let me.

Please keep him in your prayers. I will update more later. I took some pictures of him and can't wait to share them, he looks horrible. It looks like someone beat the tar out of him. Seriously, poor kid!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Kids -Part 2 of 4- Hallie

Hallie is our first daughter, 2nd child. She is 8 years old and is our resident drama queen. Not a moment goes by when she is in the house that we don't know that she is here.
Hallie is so beautiful, I get comments all the time about her and how I need to keep an eye on her because all the boys are going to be gawking at her sooner than I want them too (not that I want them to EVER be looking at her, LOL). She has a long lean body with muscle definition, she looks like a mini model walking around, it is actually starting to scare me! Her hair is so thick and she is finally starting to think that maybe it wouldn't be that bad of an idea to let someone make it look nice.
She is a funny little thing, she doesn't mind getting down and dirty, getting food all over her face and clothes or walking out of the door in horrible shoes. But then she also thinks that she wants to be prissy, buying earrings and playing dress-up or putting together "outfits", she also loves to get into makeup. She is a good mix of tom boy and girly-girl.
Hallie is such a social butterfly, she is always on the look out for a new friend and doesn't let a day pass by without playing with as many friends as she can find.
Oh my, my little girl is full of stories! I am lucky that she hasn't gotten me into trouble with some of her concoctions. Just today I got an email from the Enrichment Counselor in our ward, she told me that Hallie had been over asking when our next meeting was, ummm, I didn't even realize that Hallie knew I was on the committee, LOL! And I certainly didn't send her on an errand to go find out about a potential meeting. She does this kind of thing all of the time, I just have to laugh about it. Another neighbor recently let us borrow their Wii Fit and she told me that Hallie had been over every single day that we had it telling her that I was sending her over to see if we could still borrow it. Again, no request like that was given.
Hallie loves going to movies with Grandma Julia, having sleepovers with anyone (family) who will let her, but especially likes it when Aunt Heidi gives in and lets her come over. She doesn't like to sleep over at friend's houses, which is fine by me, she does enjoy "late overs" which are like sleepovers, but you come home at about 10:30pm our little gang of neighborhood girls really like doing these, I am just thankful that it isn't always at my house.
Hallie is so emotional, someone please lie to me and tell me that she won't always be this way. She is so explosive, which is hard to deal with, but also adds to the excitement of having her around. I would love to have one entire day where she doesn't freak out, HAHAHA like that is going to happen.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Kids -Part 1 of 4- Trenton

Trenton is our first son, he was born 14 months after Hal and I got married. He is now 12 years old, 5'9" tall and wears a size 13 shoe! I love him so much.
He is one of the sweetest older brother's that anyone could dream of having. He is mostly patient with wacky Hallie although he has his moments where he likes to tease her and pick on her. He is so sweet with Jack, they are best buddies! Trenton has taken up coming home from school and snuggling with Jack on the couch to see if he can get him to go to sleep, it is so dang cute!
Some of Trenton's favorite things to do these days are playing with his friends, namely Kevin and Ethan. We have taken up nicknaming them the "3 musketeers". They roam the neighborhood skateboarding, rip sticking and teasing the girls and each other. Don't tell Trenton this, but I am suspicious of him having a crush on a certain girl.
Trenton also loves scouts and can't wait for the next campout. He enjoys being a Deacon, he likes passing the sacrament, but you wouldn't know it if you saw him, he is so funny! He walks up and down the isles and won't make eye contact with anyone, it is like he is trying to be invisible, but by doing that he is actually attracting attention. Hal and I are so irreverent, we almost break out laughing every Sunday. He makes sure that he sits in a position so that he doesn't have to pass the scrament to us, silly boy! One really cool thing that Trenton got to do is hold the microphone while Hal blessed Addison, I love that he got to help out with that. Trenton is devoted to being a good memeber of the church, I am so proud of him.
He also loves to play Nintendo Wii and has recently learned about Game Fly, so he is trying to figure out what he can do to earn enough money to pay for it each month.
Trenton loves annoying his Dad by growing his hair out, Hal hates it, so Trenton makes sure it doesn't get cut too short. He loves annoying me by talking in this super dumb voice and slurring his words together, I am constantly telling him to ennuciate, it drives me batty! He also loves to make his voice crack, he is such "tween"!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wasting my life away!!!

Okay, not my whole life, but my entire weekend!

I spent every waking moment, minus a few diaper changes, nursing and actually pulling myself away to cook a roast and homemade rolls for Sunday dinner to read The Host by Stephanie Meyers. I really enjoyed it, in ways more than The Twilight series, although I started to feel dark and gloomy just like the cave, but that was probably from not moving a muscle in my body for so long. And I wanted it to actually end, not leave me with questions. I wanted the aliens to find a way to live without being parasites, but NOOOOO, she just left me wondering. GRRRR!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have meant to start a blog a few different times, but this time I really am going to do it! My days are filled with running after Jack and constantly telling him "No!", but lately I have been the one to be told "No!" too, it is his favorite word these days. He loves to love on Addy and is always wanting to give her slimy kisses and hugs that are a little too tight for Mommies comfort. I also spend A LOT of time nursing and rocking a sleeping or crying baby. Have I mentioned how many poopy diapers I change a day? Then the big kids get home and it is homework, dinner and cleaning, cleaning cleaning. Anywho, in the midst of this all I am going to find time to blog.