Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorable Memorial

You would think that this post would be made up of pictures and stories of loved ones that have passed, but NOOOOO! Today, this post is going to be made up of the children who are lucky to not be being "memorialized" today.

Today has been busy, we cleaned out our storage room in the basement, now we need to clean out the garage....

Just moved the junk from one space to another, but eventually it will make its way to D.I., the garbage or maybe one of you are in need of something we no longer want. Anyone want a set of bunk beds that need a little welding?

Or maybe you would like a retro side/end table? An old mattress anyone??? I might pay you to take it away.

Anyway, we finished that job and as I type this, Hal is painting the basement, WOOHOO!!!!
I also contacted our friend who lays carpet and he is coming this week to lay it, which means that by this time next week the "bigs" will be 2 floors below, with all of the messes and junk, WOOOOOOT!

Cleaning out the storage room in the basement made me want to organize and declutter other areas in the house, so first I tackled the laundry room and then I did the front closet.

During which time, the "big's" ate lunch, played games and also helped a little with the effort, but mostly just made other messes. So, I asked the biggest big to watch the littlest little while I did the dishes and organized some of the new messes I made. Trenton mostly yelled at Addy for making noises while he tried to play the Wii and also for not sitting still, she wanted to play. So, of course that worked me up a little, here I am slaving away and he can't peel himself away to help with the little's, GRRRR!


I was finished washing dishes and I decided to take the dirty rags and towels to the laundry room. I needed to change over the laundry anyway, I had been doing laundry all day. WELL, when I walk into the laundry room, there is Jack, COVERED head to toe in laundry soap, as well as the walls, floor, piles of CLEAN laundry and also dirty laundry. The dog bowls were filled with laundry soap as was the dirty diaper pail. I was one MAD MAMA!!!! I have spent the last hour cleaning laundry soap off of every surface in my laundry room all while shouting at Jack, who thinks this is quite hilarious and I am sure would just LOVE to get his dirty little hands on that bucket of laundry soap again. I was so so upset that this is the only picture you get to see of the mess, the pile of clean laundry that is now oozing of laundry soap that I get to wash again.
I am fuming! I am mad! I am frustrated!

BUT, I am also super duper excited that the basement is 99.5% done!

Okay, back to doing laundry, which now thanks to Jack I get to start all over again! Yippee skippeeeeee do!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

$20 Bucks!

I am coming out of the closet, I know a lot of you already know this about me, and for those that don't, here ya go!

I LOVE yard sales!

Thanks to Tish, she has shown me the ropes, helped me learn a good deal from a bad one, shown me that used clothing for my kiddo's is the way to go. Heck, now that I have become a little addicted to yard sales it almost pains me to pay full price, especially for Hallie's clothes, because the girl is so dang hard on her clothes. I don't have to feel bad if she wears a pair of jeans 4 or 5 times and then has holes in them because I only paid a dollar for them to begin with, so no big loss! Woot!
I love the thrill of finding a good deal. The really good deals are very memorable and get talked about over and over, like last year when I got a fisher price cradle swing (looked brand new) for $7.50!! Or when Tish found a brand new never used pampered chef stone set that was easily worth $70, I think she paid less than $5!
Last Saturday was AWESOME! It was the first time this year that the weather was really good and there were plenty of sales to go too. Ahhhhh, another marker for spring and yard sale'ing season, NICE WEATHER! I have waited all winter for this time of year and now that it is finally here, I can hardly wait all week for Saturday morning so I can go out and find the perfect awesome deal!

So, want to see what $20 got me last week?

$15 for this super cute organizer! I am using it to store my diapers in, it is PERFECT! I have been trying to figure out a good storage solution for a while now and this is exactly what I needed!

.50 cents for a dozen flat fold diapers that had never even been washed, I also got a cute shirt for Addy and a pair of pants for Hallie (not pictured) all for less than a dollar!

$2 for the salad spinner, $1 for the chopper, that was brand new in the box -NEVER USED! .50 cents for the tea kettle and I think I paid a quarter for the basket.

SWEET! Yep, I love yard sales!

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Outlet

A Good friend of mine, Heather, has invited me to co-author a blog about going back to the simple life, our pioneer roots. So, I invite y'all over to come and check it out.

Grandma Would Be Proud