Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hallie: "What is misery?"

Me: "misery is when you are totally miserable. Think totally uncomfortable, miserable awful."

Hallie: "I thought it was a state"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's My Girl

Yep, no doubt she is mine. Should I be worried about OCD?

Addy is such a "little mama" she follows me around and has to do whatever I am doing. It is really special and oh so helpful when she "helps" with the dishes. Usually by the end of it I have a pool of water on my counters and floors. But, oh how she loves it. She also helps empty the dishwasher by putting the silverware away. She pushes a stool over to the counter and organizes all of the silver. I just wish that she would understand that not all spoons and forks are the same. Some are bigger than others and have their own place. She fights me over this aspect and insists that all spoons big and small and all forks big and small should be put together. Whenever I go to start the laundry she follows right behind, pushes the step stool over and has to help put the clothes in the washer. She also likes to pickup any wet clothes that don't quite make it to the dryer, I can't help but love that, less bending over for me! Hehe.