Monday, May 25, 2015

The Work

We found 5 new investigators out of a part-member family on Tuesday, but found out that they will be gone on vacation for the next month. The part-member family is Aaron the one who served in Florida, the new investigators are his two children and Kelly, his girlfriend's 3 children as well as Kelly. One of her daughters is only 6 so she doesn't count as an investigator. It was pretty cool teaching them last Tuesday because at the end, Kelly wanted to know what she should have her kids say to their Dad who is Anti-Mormon and how to stand up for their beliefs.

Michael, the one from Nigeria is getting baptized this Saturday at 2pm and has so many friends in the priest quorum that he didn't know who he wanted to baptize him the most but ultimately he chose Steven to do that, Steven is going on a mission to Germany and has been coming with us to teach Michael for a while, he is even friends with him in school, at home and in church so that's pretty cool. Michael also wants to know what he should be doing to prepare himself to go on a mission, weird huh? He isn't even a member yet. Michael is the brightest person I have ever known and understands the Bible and Book of Mormon way better than I do. Maybe I will get to see him leave for his mission before I head home, that would be so cool.

John, the old guy, developed pneumonia and is up with his sister in north Mesa and will be there permanently. I wish our mission was a little bigger because maybe then would I get an opportunity to check up on him and see how he is doing he is still my favorite person I have met out here.

We tried our hardest to work with everyone in the ward to invite the Johnson family to church yesterday but they did not show up, I was pretty bummed because I had fasted for them the night before.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love Notes

In the last 2 weeks, I have gotten 3 different email's from different members wanting to let Hal and I know just how great Trenton is. I'm not going to lie, these emails mean the world to me and always seem to come at just the right moment. I'm going to forward them on to Trenton, so that he too can see just how awesome people think he is.

 Dear Brother and Sister Throckmorton,

As President of the Queen Creek Stake I wanted to send you a personal thank-you for sending such a remarkable son into our area to serve with our members. Recently Elder Throckmorton took two of the young men from our Stake on a 3 day mini-mission. He gave our youth a remarkable experience. In the testimony meeting that followed the mini-mission, each companionship from our Stake bore testimony of how much they admired the missionaries. Your son provided an experience that built faith and testimony. Every one of the youth that attended claimed that they wished "the week to never end." I am personally so grateful for your son and his obedience to the mission rules and their dedicated effort to assist us in this great work. Though we may never meet in person, just know that we are praying for your sons success. He is an outstanding young man.


President Dal Zemp
Queen Creek Arizona Stake  

Dear Sister Throckmorton, Your son is a missionary in our ward. My wife and I have recently moved to Arizona from Rigby, Idaho. You can be very proud of your son. He has a good spirit about him and he wants to "do the work". He has been well trained. It is a pleasure to have him in our home. Have a happy mother's day.

Rick Potter

Just want to let you know you have a great son!We appreciate him in our ward. We feed him often. We too have a son on a mission. We hope our son is taken care of as well as we take care of your missionary.know you raised a great son!

Bro. Jones

Monday, May 4, 2015

More is More and Less is Less

This last Sunday, Elder Ramon and I decided to really crack down on the over aged youth in the ward, we got an updated list to start that initiative. Last week we met with John (the old guy), his COPD is getting drastically worse. We have an amazing ward missionary, age 75 by the name of Monk, who is in stage 4 cancer and is even worse off then John. The amazing thing is that he wrote John a note telling him of the great blessings that come from baptism and truly knowing abut the restored gospel. I just thought it was cool. Monk also gave out 4 cake mixes to other members in the ward and challenged them to bake the cake for a non-member family nearby, so Elder Ramon and I will be following up.

 We did a lot of service this last week - from preparing food storage for old ladies in the ward, to yard work for old men in the ward, haha! We also helped another companionship's investigator repair an old dresser, which I was surprised we could do, it was pretty bad off. I also helped them with yet another yard work project. Last week on Friday, it hit 101! needless to say, that is quite hot and when you are doing yard work or riding bikes it feels even hotter. I have about 15 more degrees to add before they officially proclaim it to be summer time.

I truly do love my mission, my area, and my family. I will be talking to you all on Sunday, so I will try to find another miracle to share between now and then. -Elder Throckmorton