Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camping Fun!

One of the other things we do almost every summer is either a day trip or camping up at Payson Lakes. This year we camped for 2 days. It was so much fun! Although the campground didn't have running water this year because of construction.

We camped with my Cousin Christine and her family. They have 6 kids which makes it so much fun for my kids. I loved getting to know her kids better and hanging out chatting with Christine sitting by the side of the lake feeling the breeze and warmth of the sun and watching the kids have a wonderful time splashing, laughing and swimming in the lake, life just can't get much better than that. We brought a couple extra kids with us, Tausha brought her nephew Eli and my mom volunteered to bring Scarlet since Dave and Heidi had just brought new little Rosie home, my mom thought it would be nice for Scarlet to come along with us and give the new parents some time with their new addition.

I could have done without Jack and Addy thinking they needed to be awake ALL NIGHT LONG, the obnoxious trio of yappy dogs that were in the campground barking at 5am! And it would have been fun to have Hal up there with us, but he had to work...Money, money, money, it rules all.

Hallie was so brave this year, she finally convinced herself to jump off the pier. When she finally did it, she was so proud, excited and happy. She ended up doing it again and again. I continually can't believe how grown up my kids are becoming, it is all happening so quickly.



Hallie getting prepared to jump. She was so nervous!

Jack in all his dirty glory!

I brought a playpen up with me, it was nice to have somewhere I could set my crawling baby down that wasn't in the dirt.

Addy is doing this silly thing lately where she does a "fake" laugh and throws her head back, it is SO funny! Obviously, she also LOVES cookies.

These little ones got SO dirty, they needed a bath. My mom's water heater isn't working in her motor home, so I heated some water on the stove and then dunked all 3 in at the same time. Jack and Scarlet had a fun time, but Addy wasn't as thrilled with the experience.

Maddy, Hallie and Morgan

Eli, he looks so innocent in this picture, but he is actually a pyromaniac! He loved trying to help us start a fire, but he got a little too close to the action. I am glad that he didn't burn himself, he is one lucky kid! My mom had poured some kerosene on the wood to try to get it lit and Eli decided to try and lite it himself, POOF, big ball of fire!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salem Pond

For the last few years we (my side of the family) have made a yearly trek to the Salem Pond. it is so beautiful there, it's close too, just one city over from Spanish Fork and best of all FREE! I don't know why I don't take my kids there more often, maybe I am just too lazy. Anyway, we went there for a picnic and to play and swim. The kids had a BLAST! Jack loved chucking slimy mud all over every thing and every one. Addy sat on the beach and dipped her toes in the water. Hallie thought she was the most beautiful swan diver EVER! And she was lucky enough to bring her friend Audesi along. Trenton had fun with his Uncle Dave and also cousin Kyler, they jumped off the pier, rowed the boat and swam across the pond.

Hal showed up for a little bit, he had a lot of things to accomplish that day. We also had my mom, Dave & Heidi and their daughter Scarlet and almost Rosie (Heidi was VERY pregnant), Marci & Dan and their boys Lucas and Anson, Tausha and Kyler.

All in all it was a fun day.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog Etiquette

When you are blog surfing, you know hopping from blog to blog. Starting out on one friends blog and then clicking through to other peoples blog and you happen upon a friend or acquaintance and you click on the link only to be disappointed because it is a "invitation only" blog, do you contact the blog owner and ask for an invite, or just assume that if they wanted you to read their stuff that they wouldn't have it blocked?

I wish that blogger had a link so you could request an invitation, then I wouldn't have to be all worried about proper blog etiquette. Gosh am I sounding a tad paranoid. I'm really not, just wondering what you all do when you happen on the same circumstance.

Yeah, and if any of you readers out there have an invite only blog and you aren't on my list, but would like to share your life with me email me an invite, would ya! I love catching up on people's lives and reading about your happenings.