Friday, November 21, 2014

I love the MTC! And I say that with all the sincerity of my heart. It's amazing the way it forces us to grow and develop as missionaries and in ways that I never before imagined.

To help you understand I guess I could share a piece of my testimony -

I know that the Lord really, truly appreciates spiritual preparation. I know this because I felt very inadequate when I arrived as far as preparation of my knowledge was concerned, but that was only because I was comparing myself to others. I have since learned that the only way to progress for myself is to think, act and compare myself only to myself, to set goals that make me stretch and reach but not so much that I can't obtain them. In setting goals like these, I have come to understand that through intense study sessions and trying to memorize blocks of scriptures that the number of scriptures memorized or the more you know isn't as important as how much of your mind the Holy Ghost can help you access. So read, study, pray, and teach and my understanding of gospel principles will grow even if it may not seem like it. When I have the spirit with me and I listen with real intent it will tell me what to say and how to say it. I love you guys so much and am excited to hear about Gilbert, Arizona. I absolutely love my district and I can't thank Heavenly Father enough to be placed in it, it's the perfect district for me and I love all the Elders and Sisters in it a lot, I love their testimonies and watching them grow and develop them alongside mine. I love this gospel and I can't wait to get out and start serving in the field.

Thank you guys for supporting me so much and helping me so greatly, I can really feel the power that you bring to my mission and I appreciate it.