Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm the Only One, Right?

I'm the only one that forgets how many cups of flour I have put in the roll mix, right?
I'm the only one that while driving down the road forgets where I am going, right?
I'm the only one that hops in the shower and forgets to bring a towel into the bathroom, right?
I'm the only one that will be talking and in mid-sentence forget what I am talking about, right?
I'm the only one that has to go through all of my kids names and sometimes the dog's to finally yell/talk to the right person, right?
I'm the only one who forgot their own cell phone number that they have had for 12 years! Right?
I'm the only one that has to do the math to figure out how old they are, right? (I stopped counting at 29.)
I'm the only one that goes to bed forgetting that they have wet clothes in the washer, right?
I'm the only one that forgets to shut the garage door before heading off to bed, right?

I. Am. Sleep. Deprived.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sock Monkey Hat Giveaway!

My sister is being featured on The Coterie blog!!! She is giving away this hat, so if you want a chance to win it, go visit and leave a comment!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Addy's Stats

My baby turned 1 year old (a month ago) and we finally made it to her well child check-up, here is how she ranks:

Weight 18.34 pounds 5%
Height 27 inches 5%
Head Circumference 17.5 inches 20%

She is running EVERYWHERE! She can stand up in the middle of the floor without help from the couch or walls etc. She waves "bye-bye". Points her finger and tells Jack "No!". When you ask her what a dog says, she will sometimes respond with "woof" - that is when she feels like it. She eats pretty much anything that we are eating, but especially loves Asian pears, which scares me a little because she only has her 2 bottom teeth, but she finds a way to gnaw at that pear until it is mostly gone. And the little pill won't take a bottle, oh well I guess sense this is the last time I will nurse a baby I will let her for a little longer.

Here is the little lady celebrating her 1st birthday, she insisted on using a spoon.

Oh, and she CLIMBS! YIKES!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

What Is This World Coming Too?

So, tonight Hal needed to borrow a tool to fix the car and our neighbor has this particular tool, so we went over to borrow it and ended up hanging out and chatting for a bit. Hal actually went to school with this guy and they were pretty good friends in high school and now he is our hometeacher - small world.


We we got home, Hal and Hallie had this conversation:

Hallie: "So, you and Hugh knew each other when you were kids?"

Hal: "Yes, as a matter of fact we went to Junior Prom together."

Hallie: "So, which one of you dressed up in a dress?"